Simmons and ESPN

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s pretty clear to me.

Bill Simmons and ESPN are headed to divorce court soon. Simmons this week was suspended for three weeks for remarks he made on his podcast, the B.S. Report. Simmons called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a liar, several times. Simmons also said it was f*****g bull****, the way the league was trying to gloss over the Ray Rice disaster.

HIs remarks were a welcome commentary to many who think Goodell and his folks have been less than forthcoming in their handling of a number of things, at the forefront, the Rice suspension.

Simmons is an ESPN superstar. But, this is a corporate structure that doesn’t allow even its superstars (Examples: Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann, in an earlier incarnation) to get out of line.

Sure, what Simmons said was unacceptable language in most circles. The f****g bull*** line, that is. Calling the NFL commissioner a liar is what was most unacceptable to the folks at the NFL offices in New York and the ESPN corporate executive offices in Bristol.

Simmons dared his bosses to suspend him. And they did. For calling the commissioner a liar, just days after ESPN reported that the commissioner may not have been telling the truth.

Simmons is suspended with pay, but no media work and no Twitter for three weeks. That Twitter thing is a pretty stiff penalty for a guy who has a lot to say.

Sometimes – according to his corporate overseers – a bit too much to say.


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