49ers Prove “Who We Are”

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There are opportunities aplenty for people and organizations to say to the world: This is “Who we are.” The San Francisco 49ers did just this last weekend, and I dare say they shouldn’t be proud of who they are right now.

It appears their young defensive lineman Aldon Smith has an abuse problem. He has been admitted to a rehab program. This all came to light after the cops say Smith ran his car into a tree about seven o’clock Friday morning. They tested him, and said his alcohol content was .15, which is nearly twice the legal limit.

The “Who we Are” moment came in the ensuing hours. The young man practiced on Friday and Saturday and played in the game Sunday. It was after the game the team admitted the young man needed some help.

Coach Jim Harbaugh has a tough guy image. He is by all accounts well respected in the locker room and in the building. But he made the wrong call on this one. The General Manager Trent Baalke made the wrong call. And most certainly and most telling, the owners, the York family, made the wrong call. It was the young president of the club, Jed York, whose parents own the team, who should have walked into everybody’s office and said, “he sits Sunday, we’ll talk about this on Monday.”

There are no indications that York had any of those conversations. But he was the guy trying to explain it after the game Sunday.

Harbaugh is a football coach, winning is what it’s all about, and Baalke is the GM who needs to keep all this personnel stuff together. It’s the owner who should define who the 49ers are.

In the coming days and weeks, young Jed York has a chance to prove “who we are” is not exactly “who we were” last week.


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