President Obama just can’t get those Bush ties cut

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Barack Obama is the anti-Bush, in politics, in background and history, in privilege. But Obama just can’t seem to get some separation from his predecessor.

Obama inherited a depleted economy and a depleted American confidence. There are so many so skeptical of politicians, it’s almost become paralytic to the national conscience.

Most Americans believe Assad is a really bad guy and that he gassed Syrians. Most Americans believe we should not get involved militarily, at any level of conflict.

The president has had trouble selling this possible Syrian intervention, mostly because it’s a pretty difficult product to sell. And asking the Congress to make a decision on anything, let alone something this serious, is a reach at best, laughable at worst.

So what does this have to do with the media? It’s about 10 to 12 years too late but the news media of all political and apolitical persuasion – scorched by Bush’s run-up to the Iraq War, replete with stretched truths and near-lies – are asking all the right questions, and raising all the right issues.

We need to have these conversations. We in the media need to raise the questions, we need to hold the powerful accountable, and we need to examine every single avenue in this and every other story we pursue.

For a few years in the early part of this century we lost our way. We’re trying to get our mojo back. And Obama is paying the price, to some extent.  Unlike his vice president, George W. Bush has apparently decided to sit this one out, which is what he’s done for most of the five years he’s been out of office.


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