Just Can’t Stop Watching Westerns

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, for about the one millionth time, I’m watching “High Noon” – one of the greats of all time. Just off the top of my head I start assembling a list of the greatest westerns ever made.  The list has to include this one. “The Searchers” may be John Wayne’s best work. “The Ox Bow Incident” with Henry Fonda is short (about 75 minutes) but quite intense and entertaining –  an indictment on mob rule.  It’s a western, like “The Searchers”, that forces you to think a little at the end.

Clint Eastwood has made a few good ones, including “The Outlaw Josey Wales” in his younger days, and “Unforgiven” – his 90s classic.  A couple modern westerns are pretty good – “3:10 to Yuma” (the remake with Russell Crowe and Christian Bale) is a fine piece of work, and the Coen Brothers version of “True Grit” is quite faithful to the book, and entertaining. There are many more great western films, and I’ve probably seen them all.

Oops – my private guilty pleasure is no longer a secret.


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